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Momofuku Chili Chocolate Crunch Bar

Momofuku Chili Chocolate Crunch Bar

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Now, this is special...

We *LOVE* Dave Chang and the ever-growing Momofuku empire. We visit their restaurants all over the U.S. We slurp their packaged noodles at home, and of course, we scoop Momofuku Chili Crunch.

Now... a bar!  Like it's made just for us!

First impressions:

At the snap of the first bite, I detect toasted sesame - like smoke before a fire...

Then it turns from roasted, toasty, to garlicky sweet, and finally... a rich, warm, crunchy, umami bomb.  

The chili's crunch is prominent and essential. They've added a full-bodied ingredient to this chocolate. So, it almost eats like a meal... chopsticks adjacent.  Always crunching and keeping me craving another bite.  *Super* snackable.  Yikes.

This feels special.  We hope you enjoy it too!


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