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Barnett's Mega Sour Fruits - The World’s Sourest Candy!

Barnett's Mega Sour Fruits - The World’s Sourest Candy!

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**This product is priced as (1) bag of approx 12 pieces of sour candies.**

Barnetts Mega Sours are the featured star in Candycopia's 2023 Sour Candy Challenge!  

Previously unavailable in the United States until this summer, Barnetts Mega Sours are *bracingly* sour - comparable to "Black Death" candy, and about 2-3 times the size and intensity of a Warhead or Toxic Waste. Enjoy them for a sharp burst of flavor, or torture your friends and family!  

Each pack comes with 10-12 pieces of assorted-flavors of candy inside.  And every Mega Sour offers about 30 seconds (seems longer!) of face-twisting sour flavor, before turning sweet, and then cracking open with a fizzy center!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Their name is accurate in the best possible way

I'm so happy to finally find a sour candy that is truly sour. Like "holy $&0t!" but also has the flavor you would expect. And.. Once you make it through round one... You're not done yet 😉


Very nice. Definitely very sour. A bit pricey but no regrets with this purchase.

Sasha Touchet

This might be the best sour candy I’ve ever had. It’s insane to me that people are on here leaving bad reviews bc of the post office or common sense issues like giving extremely sour candies to little kids. Wild. Lmfao. Anyways, keep up the great work.

Haven’t received them yet

I would love to review, but haven’t actually received the product yet.

Love them

I bought these before I knew they are allegedly the most sour candy ever. I purchased a 1lb cherry bag. Had about 10% of the bag this afternoon. Definitely sour but also an enjoyable flavor!

Similar to eating hot food, if it’s hot but a good flavor people love it. If it’s just hot and the flavor sucks no one wants it. This is solid and the fix inside is a nice finish.