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Kanda - Milk Ghanaian Chocolate - 38% Ghana Cocoa

Kanda - Milk Ghanaian Chocolate - 38% Ghana Cocoa

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1 Milk Chocolate Bar |  38% Ghana Bean Cocoa

Treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate indulgence with a creamy Milk Chocolate Bar made with 38% premium Ghana cocoa beans. Enjoy a delicious blend of rich caramel notes, a strong cocoa flavor, and creamy milk chocolate in every bite. Perfect for a sweet pick-me-up or as a gift for your loved ones, Kanda's Milk Chocolate Bars are a must-try for anyone who loves the perfect balance of chocolate and sweetness.

Flavor Profile: Creamy milk chocolate with rich caramel notes and a strong cocoa flavor.

Taste Profile: Cocoa, Fruity, Sweet, Roasted, Milky, Creamy, Caramel

  • 38% Ghana Cocoa
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair Trade Cocoa
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