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Chamoy Pickle Kit - As Seen on TikTok!

Chamoy Pickle Kit - As Seen on TikTok!

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Ready to get in on TikTok's latest food craze?  

We've assembled a Chamoy Pickle Kit with all of our favorite brands of Mexican candy! Each kit includes:

(1) Rico's Jumbo Chamoy Pickle - *bright* red like you want it!
(1) Fruit Roll-Up
(1) Takis Fuego
(1) Fruit Gushers
(1) Lucas Skwinkles Salsaghetti
(1) Lucas Gusano Tamarind (sauce)
(1) Lucas Polvo Chamoy (powdered topping)

How you assemble this Chamoy Pickle Kiti s up to you!  But, we recommend:

1) Set up a camera and roll video to record your experience
2) Unpack the pickle and pour the chamoy juice into a cup (Yum!)
3) Wrap the pickle in a fruit roll-up for easy handling
4) Cut off the tip of the pickle and hollow out the inside with a knife
5) Insert Takis lengthwise into the pickle (or) crush Takis in the bag and pour on as a topping
6) Insert Fruit Gushers inside the pickle alongside Takis
7) Stuff the end of the hollowed pickle with a pinch of Salsaghetti strings
8) Squeeze the tamarind sauce onto the top of the assembled pickle
9) Sprinkle the top with chamoy powder

If you post your video to social, tag us @Candycopia to let us know what you think!


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