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Graduation Tin

Graduation Tin

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Celebrate your graduate with a selection of special, small-batch treats in this customized tin!

Candy assortment may vary, but includes items similar to:

Lily's Chilies:  The sweet/sour/spicy punch from these chile-dusted specialty gummies will make your mouth water unlike anything else.  We promise!  Carefully crafted out of N. Hollywood, Calif., Lily's homemade creations are a hot entry to the LA candy scene.

Compartés: A LA tradition for over 70 years, Compartés handmade chocolate bars are one of our favorite chocolate bars because of the vast variety of flavors. There's no skimping on ALL the best parts...bars are filled with a decadent array of fresh ingredients: textured chunks of donuts, from only the best donut shops in LA for the Donuts & Coffee bars, fudgy homemade brownies crumbled into the California Dreaming bar, California Berries bursting with a feast of hand studded luscious berries... 

CRISPYCAKES:  These crispy, marshmallow cakes are even better than mom used to make! Handmade in small batches, CRISPYCAKES have all the sweet, gooey, crunchiness of your childhood, paired with toppings like cookies & cream, banana pudding, and an entire spectrum of sugary cereals.

Mayana Chocolate Bars:  We call these the "spirit animal" of your favorite candy bar. Crafted in Wisconsin, each bar wraps a full CHONK of wonderful caramel - decadent enough to be enjoyed alone, but instead paired with additional layers like marshmallow, creamy coconut, or peanut butter & pretzels.

Rainbow Belts: 1/2 lb of one of our top bulk candy sellers

Giant Smartie: From one Smartie to another 

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