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Crazy Cola Gummy Mix
Walter Lloyd
I like Coca Cola 🥤

It was very sugary and tasty I liked it.

Crazy for Crazy Cola

We loved this mix! It had varying flavors and textures, while staying true to the cola theme. We will be back for more!

Milka - Oreo Bar

Fun to Try

We had a fun time trying the beans. We decided soap and grass were okay, but dirt was pretty gross. We steered clear of the vomit.


Super tasty special treat ❤️

Happy Birthday Tackle Box
Margaret A Murray
Happy birthday tackle box

My granddaughter loved it!

Dallas Caramel
Angela Wilt

Dallas Caramel

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog


Variety of sweets, and good service.

Bubs + Swedish Candy, Sweet/Sour Mix BACK IN STOCK END OF JUNE
Morgan Pennington
Sweet/sour mix review

Overall great candies, I loved every bite I took😊 100% recommend this mix for everyone who want to try Swedish candy!

Did not like it, didn’t take more than two bites. Really stiff and not much flavor. Won’t buy it again

Bubs + Swedish Candy, Sweet/Sour Mix BACK IN STOCK END OF JUNE
Elizabeth Whelpley
Fun Candy selection

I brought it to work and everyone loved it will order again.

Dallas Caramel
Dorian Williams
Dallas Carmel

The Carmel was very fresh and tasty. Thanks

Great quality but not the best variety

I loved the candy and hopefully will be buying again soon, but I’m hoping next time the sour mix has more variety, I ordered both sweet and sour mix and the sour mix. I will not be ordering the sweet and sour again, there was enough of a mix of the sour in there and the sweet candy was mostly Carmel or toffee and I didn’t care for it. This is a great quality product just hope for more variety next time

Candycopia - Freeze Dried Rainbow Candy: Original

I didn't receive it

I didn't receive my order yet.

Yum and love that it is nut free!

Absolutely delicious. Will order again

Loved the bar and the fact that a donation went to Hephzibah.

Bubs + Swedish Candy, Sweet/Sour Mix BACK IN STOCK END OF JUNE
Bubs for All!

Thank you Candycopia for introducing us to Bubs! Fresh and unique flavors for anyone!

These taste amazing. They are not too spicy and are a perfect mix so no flavor overpowers the others. I highly recommend.

Milk chocolate cookie dough

These chocolates confections are small and delightful. They are a tad bit too sweet for my taste but are nevertheless excellent and I would highly recommend them.

These chocolates had a smooth texture eating, a nice minty flavor, and had plenty of chocolate. Would recommend!

Milka - LU Cookies Bar

Chocs ‘N Boxes Bar - LIBSOG 80% Dark (KETO & sugar-free)