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Jcoco - Mango Plantain (1oz)

Jcoco - Mango Plantain (1oz)

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Mellina White dreamed up the flavor combination of our Mango Plantain bar from two distinct recollections: her grandmother’s mango tree, always bursting with fruit in the summertime, and how almost every meal included some form of plantain. “To me,” Mellina says, “this bar is home." This gold award-winning bar is made with crunchy chewy bits of tropical fruits smothered in high cacao (47%) Peruvian milk chocolate. A pinch of sea salt clarifies diced mango and plantain chips, while a dash of habanero delivers a piquant finish. The cacao origin is Rupa-Rupa, Upper Amazon region of Peru. The beans are fermented 7 days, dried 7 days with a medium roast. Pairing suggestion: Picture palm trees and enjoy Mango Plantain with a spicy rye whiskey and a plate of gruyere and asiago cheeses, with coconut shavings on the side.

*And don't forget: Every purchase of jcoco helps fight hunger in the United States.*

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