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Tower of Treats: Vegan Collection

Tower of Treats: Vegan Collection

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This two-tiered gift box is an exciting tour of Candycopia's most celebrated and decadent vegan treats, carefully curated from small-batch candymakers all over the U.S., collected in one place for you to discover and enjoy! 

The Xocolate Bar:  This Latina-owned chocolate shop out of Berkeley, Calif, features an ambitious array of confections featuring fair trade chocolates and organic ingredients. Their beautifully-crafted 4-piece truffle sets have been a Candycopia favorite from Day 1, ranging from dark chocolate ganaches, to boozy truffles featuring California-crafted liquors.

California Gummy Bears:  It feels trite to say less is more, but when you remove high fructose corn syrup, animal byproducts, and GMO ingredients you get a totally fresh spin on gummy bears.  California Gummy Bears feature only natural fruit flavors, grown right in California, and you can taste the sun-soaked freshness in every bite - each flavor comes across satisfying bold and true.

CHOMP! Nutpucks:  Oregon-based CHOMP! promises "Vegan milk chocolate for everyone!"  We love the creamy textures and classic flavors they create with their oat milk-based Nutpucks, which may remind you of (and improve upon!) one of our favorite convenience store candy staples. 

Dirty Bean Chocolate:  This New York-based features chocolates that are always vegan, paleo-friendly, and free from refined sugars. But, we especially love that their exotically-flavored chocolates come across so clean and vibrant without the use of dairy. Their flavors like Pinot Grigio, Orange Mezcal, and Fire & Spice, are an exciting and popular addition to our store!

Vosges Haut -Chocolat: Adaptogenic ceremonial matcha green tea and spirulina with Ghanaian cacao nibs craft an iron-rich dark chocolate experience. Earthy and green, dark and bittersweet, an alternative to your morning cuppa. Chicago Based, Women Owned Candy maker. 

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