Dallas Caramel Company

Dallas Caramel Company 1/2-lb Bag


Dallas Caramel Company produces "super-soft" caramels that feature the silkiest pull we’ve ever enjoyed.  A bonafide Candycopia favorite that you must try!

Long gone are the days of laboring over teeth-shattering, gooey, caramel-on-a-stick...

Instead, indulge in these individually wrapped, small batch caramels that are delivered fresh to Candycopia.  Each caramel stretches lightly with every bite and melts in your mouth like they're straight from the pan.  Pure decadence!

Currently we offer the following flavors:

  • Sea Salt Caramel: the definition of a satisfying sweet/salty/savory combination - the taste that other caramels strive to be.
  • Lemon Meringue: an award-winning, sweet/tart bite straight out of summer.
  • Marshmallow: which adds an extra satisfying sweet, vanilla fluffiness.
  • Texas Drunken Nut: if you relish a smooth Texas-blended whisky flavor paired the crunch of fresh pecans