Jcoco 5-Bar Gift Box - Milk


Explore the lighter side of jcoco through this sampler of jcoco Milk + White. Each soft-touch bookcase holds four 1oz creamy milk chocolate bars and one 1 oz bar of our best-selling white chocolate. It’s perfect gift box for distinguishing fans of lighter chocolate experiences. Includes four creamy, high percentage cacao (47%) milk chocolate bars and our best-selling white chocolate bar: Mango Plantain Cayenne Veracruz Orange (white chocolate) Crisp Quinoa Sesame Edamame Sea Salt Himalayan Sea Salt Toffee

*And don't forget: Every purchase of jcoco helps fight hunger in the United States.*

Mango Plantain 47%
Himalayan Sea Salt + Toffee 47%
Edamame Sea Salt 47%
Crisp Quinoa Sesame 47%
Cayenne Veracruz Orange White