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Tower of Treats: Chocolate Lovers

Tower of Treats: Chocolate Lovers

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This three-tiered gift box is an exciting tour of Candycopia's most celebrated and decadent chocolate treats, carefully curated from small-batch candymakers all over the world, collected in one place for you to discover and enjoy! 

Fruition Chocolate Works: These award-winning chocolates from Upstate New York feature ethically-sourced cacao from all over the world. Their Dominican Oko-Caribe 68% Dark Chocolate is a staple in Candycopia's chocolate flights. It's bright, lingering berry notes and rich, fudginess give it a broad appeal to both milk and dark chocolate lovers.

Les Chocolateries Askanya:  Haiti’s first premier bean-to-bar chocolate company is producing globally-celebrated chocolate bars. We love their 50% cacao Wanga Nègès for its balanced and satisfying richness and the fact that it features rapadou, an artisanal unrefined brown sugar with notes of molasses. Black Women Owned

Mayana Chocolate:  We call these the "spirit animal" of your favorite candy bar. Crafted in Wisconsin, each bar wraps a full CHONK of wonderful caramel - decadent enough to be enjoyed alone, but instead paired with additional layers like marshmallow, creamy coconut, or peanut butter & pretzels. This gift box features (2) different selections of Mayana bars.

jcoco chocolate:  Includes (2) of these creative bars produced in Seattle, featuring exciting flavor combinations like orange & cayenne, or crispy edamame and sea salt. And, every bite feeds another person, as 10% of net profits go to Americans affected by food insecurity. Women Owned

CB Stuffers:  Imagine a peanut butter cup crafted with premium chocolate, stuffed with a variety of flavor combinations, and crafted in the size of a personal pizza! These Massachusetts-based candymakers have raised the bar for an old favorite.

Raaka Chocolate:  (4) varieties of chocolate bars from Brooklyn, NY, that showcase the delightfully fruity flavor of un-roasted cacao beans – a side of chocolate that few candies reveal! Each bar is vegan and features oat or coconut milk that brings even better focus to the natural, single-origin cacao flavor.

Triple Dipped Chocolate Malt Balls:  One of the most-requested chocolate items in our store!  A staff- and customer-favorite.  Once you had a triple dipped malt ball you will never go back. 

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