Tower of Treats: Candycopia Collection


This three-tiered gift box is an exciting tour of Candycopia's most celebrated and decadent treats, carefully curated from small-batch candymakers in Chicago and around the world, collected in one place for you to discover and enjoy! 

Sweet Addiction Toffee:  Kim Larson's 3rd generation family toffee recipe is a stunner: balanced with milk-chocolate and a dusting of toasted pecans. Handcrafted in Elk Grove, Ill., this toffee will forever be known as the first item we KNEW we needed to sell at Candycopia. 

Fruition Chocolate Works: These award-winning chocolates from Upstate New York feature ethically-sourced cacao from all over the world. Their Dominican Oko-Caribe 68% Dark Chocolate is a staple in Candycopia's chocolate flights. It's bright, lingering berry notes and rich, fudginess give it a broad appeal to both milk and dark chocolate lovers.

Les Chocolateries Askanya:  Haiti’s first premier bean-to-bar chocolate company is producing globally-celebrated chocolate bars. We love their 50% cacao Wanga Nègès for its balanced and satisfying richness and the fact that it features rapadou, an artisanal unrefined brown sugar with notes of molasses.

Lily's Chilies:  The sweet/sour/spicy punch from these chile-dusted specialty gummies will make your mouth water unlike anything else.  We promise!  Carefully crafted out of N. Hollywood, Calif., Lily's homemade creations are a hot entry to the LA candy scene.

jcoco chocolate:  These creative bars produced in Seattle feature exciting flavor combinations like orange & cayenne, or crispy edamame and sea salt. And, every bite feeds another person, as 10% of net profits go to Americans affected by food insecurity.

Dallas Caramel Company:  This variety of "super-soft" caramels feature the silkiest pull we’ve ever enjoyed.  Each caramel stretches lightly with every bite and melts in your mouth like they're fresh from then pan. Pure decadence.

CB Stuffers:  Imagine a peanut butter cup crafted with premium chocolate, stuffed with a variety of flavor combinations, and crafted in the size of a personal pizza! These Massachusetts-based candymakers have raised the bar for an old favorite.

Mayana Chocolate:  We call these the "spirit animal" of your favorite candy bar. Crafted in Wisconsin, each bar wraps a full CHONK of wonderful caramel - decadent enough to be enjoyed alone, but instead paired with additional layers like marshmallow, creamy coconut, or peanut butter & pretzels.

Raaka Chocolate:  A special series of chocolate bars from Brooklyn, NY, that showcase the delightfully fruity flavor of un-roasted cacao beans – a side of chocolate that few candies reveal! Each bar is vegan and features oat or coconut milk that brings even better focus to the natural, single-origin cacao flavor.

Katherine Anne Confections:  This Chicago-based candy maker has a strict "No Corn Syrup" policy in her kitchen and relies upon local wildflower honey and agave nectar to sweeten each of her treats. The collection of caramels that we include in this package rotate seasonally and have included creative, honey-kissed combinations like Banana Sesame, Raspberry Lavender, and Rosemary Sea Salt.