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Candycopia Collection: Small-Batch Caramel Flight

Candycopia Collection: Small-Batch Caramel Flight

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One of our biggest discoveries in opening Candycopia, was our love of caramels and how many different types there are.  This caramel sampler selects 12 pieces from 4 our favorite caramel makers. 

1. Dallas Caramel - Women owned, in Dallas.  The softest caramel we have ever tasted and the #1 bestselling item in the store. 

2. Katherine Anne Confections - Women owned, in Chicago.   Her buttery and soft caramel, with seasonal mixes-ins are one of a kind and easy to see why she has been voted as a top candymaker in Illinois. 

3. Mouth Party - 4th generation Candy Makers.  In all that time, they still continue to use just five simple and clean ingredients to transform their family recipe into caramel magic.

4. Anellabees  - Eco friendly, women owned.   This firm caramel pairs the sweetness of honey with smooth, butterscotch flavor.

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