Candycopia Candy Cart


Bring the magic of Candycopia directly to your celebration with the Candycopia Candy Cart!

Our team will curate the ideal candy selection for your occasion, incorporating a combination of sweet/sour gummies, chocolate-dipped items, traditional favorites, and handmade specialties from small-batch candy makers.  

We can even cater to candy-focused themes: Over the Rainbow, Through the Decades, Yummy Gummies, Movie Night, Chocolate Lovers, etc.

We schedule two types of experiences:

1.)  Candycopia curates a candy menu with you, then brings the cart and an attendant to sell items a la carte throughout the duration of your event.

2.) Candycopia curates a candy menu with you.  Then we set up the cart and stage pre-paid candy items for you and your guests to enjoy at your leisure. 

Please reach us via the contact field at the bottom of this page to initiate a reservation or ask questions!