Deux Cranes: Sansho-Japanese Peppercorn Dark Chocolate


This velvety dark chocolate bar features a complex combination of sense-heightening aromas and textures. The base dark chocolate is a 64% single-origin dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic, which features a balanced flavor profile with notes of citrus fruits.

This is the perfect companion to Budo Sanshō, a citrusy, numbing Japanese peppercorn and one of the oldest spices in human history.  The sansho is from Yamamoto Katsunosuke, a 135-year-old company from Wakayama Prefecture that works with local farmers to produce amazingly fragrant, wonderfully cooling, and numbing on the tongue.

To heighten the aromatic experience, Deux Cranes incorporates Norohy Vanilla from Madagascar with powerful aromas of earthy vanilla that accentuate the bright budō sansho and dance harmoniously with the citrusy dark chocolate.

For texture, they add feuilletine crisps for a rich buttery bite and the perfect amount of roasted sea salt for a balanced and aromatic sensation.

Spices, Citrusy, Aromatic •  Contains: Milk, Gluten